YAReG - Yet Another R(eiser)FStool GUI

YAReG (written by Andreas Kunz) is a free graphical frontend for rfstool (written by Gerson Kurz).
It provides easy and comfortable read access to your ReiserFS formatted Linux partitions through an user interface familiar from Windows Explorer.

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Screenshot of the YAReG application window
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This is the YAReG application window. On the left you can browse your ReiserFS partitions as a tree. On the right the contents of the selected directory are listed. This is where you can drag files and folders from to the Windows Explorer or other applications.

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YAReG's usage should be self-explanatory to anybody able to create a ReiserFS partition.
However, there are certain things you should know:

Important notes:

Known problems:

YAReG, as it exists right now, has been programmed on one day and then rewritten from scratch on another day (ok, and extended on 1-2 other days). Still, the functionality it provides is comparable or superior to other GUIs for rfstool. (This is why I am providing it to the public.) But of course there might be shortcomings and problems.
This is a good place to mention that you are using YAReG on your own risk! It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and I am not responsible for any problems or dataloss the usage of YAReG might cause. That said, the only place it is writing to is its temporary folder and the target for the files to transfer. ReiserFS partitions are only read from (rfstool only provides read access).
The "History & Future" paragraph below lists all important bugs in previous versions that are now fixed, so you can check if an update cures a problem you might have noticed. If the problem you found is neither listed there, nor in the above list of known problems, please let me know! It is recommended to regularly check back for newer versions with all the lates fixes and improvements.

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Please read the README! part before downloading to avoid regretting anything!

YAReG Download:
You do not need to install YAReG, just run YAReG.exe after unzipping the download (e.g. using WinZip).

If you cannot start YAReG make sure rfstool.exe is in the same directory and you have the Microsoft .NET framework installed (either version 1.1 or 2.0).


If you think YAReG is helpful and you want to support or thank for its development, you can now donate using PayPal.
- any amount (starting at 2 Euro ~ 3 US Dollars because otherwise the PayPal fees eat most of it)

When people approach me about donations, I usually refer them to charity organizations. Those need the money more urgently than me, so I do not really want to change this now.
But some people prefer rewarding the person who actually did the job. And if those people have a Paypal account they can do so now. :-)

Old downloads:

Source download:

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YAReG is © 2004-2010 by Andreas Kunz.

YAReG 1.0 and later:
YAReG is GPL-licensed: redistribution and/or modification is permitted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html) as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
YAReG comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and I am not responsible for any dataloss or damage to your system or files.

YAReG 0.9.10 and earlier:
YAReG is Freeware: free distribution of the YAReG binaries is permitted.
YAReG comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and I am not responsible for any dataloss or damage to your system or files.

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YAReG is © 2004-2010 by Andreas Kunz. Please contact yareg@yareg.akucom.de  if you have any comments or bug reports. Usually I answer every mail; if you do not receive an answer my spam filter may have eaten your mail... just try to resend after a while.
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